We communicate
with more than 652 000 Facebook users
We also actively serve
our clients in other networks
We're present on these markets:

We'll feed your channels with:

  • Regular updates
  • Engaging copy in language(s) of your choice
  • Any graphics or videos
  • Contests & polls
  • Presentation in line with your branding guidelines

We'll also create for you:

  • PPC campaigns on social networks
  • Adwords and Sklik ad campaigns
  • Reports and analytics
  • Marketing training lessons for your employees
  • Custom tabs
  • Custom or localized videos

Our clients


  • Localizations, translations, proofreading, copy editation
  • Press releases, PR articles
  • Localizations of games, apps and software
  • Localizations and copywriting for social channels
  • Content copywriting
  • Video subtitling/voiceover
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Other services WEBDESIGN

  • Optimal solutions for every clients' requirement including analysis and concept
  • Full realization from a graphic concept to a website launch
  • Promo microsites from €179
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Other services GRAPHICS/PRINT

  • Designs of posters, catalogues, POS materials
  • Designs and production of advertisement, retail and exhibition areas
  • We're specialized in corporate branding
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